16 June – Part 3

After given into a restless sleep for 4 hrs, I was woken up by a British friend calling to ask what he can do.

In the meantime, the pro-government newspapers in Turkey informed those who are not on the internet or who don’t want to see what’s on the internet that Gezi Park was cleared and there were not any big damage to anyone. This is despite the more liberal papers and columnist confirming the reports on the social media that even infirmaries were tear gassed.

Today, London based citizens of Turkey will be at the Turkish Embassy and Trafalgar Square from 1 pm.

In Istanbul, a big rally organised by AKP at Kazlicesme will go ahead, while it seems people will also be gathering in Taksim in protest.


Protesters have been peaceful. They are not terrorists. Nothing that has been ‘found’ in the tents in Gezi Park can be trusted as evidence. People have the will and the power to stay calm, use their common sense and continue to voice their demand their fundamental rights of freedom of speech, and may I add, be treated with dignity and respect while not letting this escalate.

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