16 June – Part 3

London protests went peacefully and people from different parts of the society and political spectrum ‘standing shoulder to shoulder against fascism’.

Meanwhile fascism is in full force in Turkey.

Reports from Istanbul that AKP Youth groups are walking around wielding sticks, police is doing nothing, mass arrests.

Supporters tweeting saying

‘you can teach these thugs about democracy like this, please go home’

‘we’ve shown them how big we can be if we want to. let’s go home now, continue with boycotts and strikes’


Major trade unions will go on strike tomorrow *some 850,000 people * – strike will be open-ended

DİSK (Confederation of Turkey Revolutionary Workers Unions)

KESK (Confederation of Public Sectior Workers Unions)

TMMOB (Turkish Engineers and Architects Associtions)

TTB (Turkish Doctors Association)

TDB (Turkish Dentists Association)


message from Istanbul:

“MAJOR POLICE TERROR IN Istanbul, worse than anything I’ve seen so far. No limits, they are not just attacking but chasing people until something bad happens. More arrests than ever and no one knows where they are taken to. Media is not allowed in. International friends, you won’t be able to watch this on the news – it’s really bad. Please continue putting pressure on local consulates, sharing tweets and Facebook updates – it’s more useful than you would think. Thanks.”


The Guardian, UK, covers some of the violence: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/jun/16/turkey-unrest-clashes-istanbul-erdogan


Even Zaman criticises Erdogan: http://www.todayszaman.com/columnistDetail_getNewsById.action?newsId=318428#.Ub4WBWe59rE.twitter


PM Erdogan claimed they brought 1 million people out to their rally today (on free transport by municipal vehicles paid by the taxpayer for what was essentially a party election rally). Academics at Bosphorus University used the crowd calculation method (international standards crowd: 1 per 2 m2, dense crowd: 2/m2, very dense crowd: 4/m2) and taken the parts of the area that were not open to the crowds, calculated that maximum of 290,000 people could have been present in the space: 290,000. another lie by the AKP.


Picture on the left is the aftermath of AKP rally today

Picture on the right shows how the resisters were cleaning the park earlier in June

This is not an us / them comparison at the individual or group level: not to claim that people are fundamentally different.

This is to show the difference between those (whoever they are) who turn up for a political party rally and those who claim ownership of their public space

that difference is making / will make this resistance a success, not violence, sticks, guns, gas

kazlicesme page_eylemciler-taksim-gezi-parkini-el-birligiyle-temizledi_221152742

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