Tonight – 15 – 16 June

These are the reports from Facebook and Twitter:

–          Police stopped the journalists from following them before police went into Gezi park

–          They told the protesters that their private belongings will be given back IF they don’t constitute evidence. Such evidence cannot be legal. It is clear as day that they will plant any evidence they want

–          schools, the bar association, private hospital and even the army recreational base near Taksim have opened their doors for the injured. If one said of institutions in one country tries to counteract the actions of another, what is this called?

–          Mayor of Istanbul said on TV that there were ONLY 29 people injured which is not much. 29 is much. 29 is a gross underestimate

–          Facebook is awash with announcement and photos of children lost / hurt by tear gas

–          There are reports that the water from water cannons has chemicals in them as it burns the skin

–          Police raided the Hotel Divan near Gezi Park which housed the injured and escaping protestors and tear gassed and hit people with batons

–          Doctors trying to help the injured are being attacked

–          Thousands of people are on the streets in other neighbourhoods of the city trying to get to Taksim in support. They are walking on the motorway

–          There are reports of police violence against thousands on the streets in other cities of Turkey

–          EU Minister of Turkey said anyone who enters Taksim Square will be treated as terrorist:

UPDATE – 00:36 London time

– There are twits from the ground saying police is planting guns in the tents in the park. Istanbul Mayor just announced ‘provocateurs are using guns, two policemen are wounded. they are fine. we want to inform the public’ – he is THE provacatuer

– pictures from Reuters:

– photo from ALman Hastanesi (German Hospital) near Taksim showing gas bombs at the enterance

alman hastanesi

This photo is from inside Divan Hotel – tear gas inside the building

divan ici

**** 00:40 London time

a group of londoners are at the BBC Portland place. one of them has gone in to speak. bbc will be connecting to someone live from istanbul. but carry on. keep calling and emailing

tel: 03700100222

For the record –  photographs from earlier but will be updated.

Video from DHA – showing how police is trying to stop people before the Bosphorus Bridge to stop them going to Taksim


thank you to our friends who went to BBC NEWS channel tonight

Zeynep Goktas who is described as an academic talking on BBC News saying protesters should go home. some said PM gave them what they want, some are still staying there. we can’t understand what they want. some are saying PM Erdogan should resign. We don’t know what they want! [HOW CAN SHE NOT?! – there have been many many press releases from Taksim Solidarity and others]  they should protest. but they should protest properly. we don’t understand what they are saying. some people are saying government is meeting their demands. we don’t know what they want. there are extremists. it’s not the way to go in a democracy.

News reader pushing they wanted to peacefully protest, they were tear gassed.

she says i agree but after that different political parties are taking advantages. pliical parties, ethnic groups were taking the protest  to their aims. profanity against PM.

News reporter: outside our headquarters in London 50-60 people protesting against what’s happening. Mr Erdogan is not doing your country is not doing any favours. world is watching.

She umms and errrs, lost for words, says hesitantly i know PM says things that are not appropriate (not her words something along these lines). but we don’t know what to do with these protesters now. they had taken over taksim and today there were gun shots in Taksim by protesters.

after a couple of similar words, the news reader stopped her saying….yes, yes, OK, thank you.

Zeynep Goktas:


Planting evidence in the tents people were forced to leave behind is continuing. After the rumours of finding guns….this is from Twitter

“hundreds of condoms found in the tents in Gezi Park”….yes, right, because they f**cked and kept a collection….is someone’s response


AKP supporters are gathering people (using the ‘nuacense’ of twitter in PM’s words) saying going to Kazlicesme (tomorrow’s AKP demo in Istanbul) it is an order of their religion, not something that will be sufficient if only some people did it (like washing the corpse before burial, only 1-2 people do it and that’s enough)….



BBC re-connects live to Istanbul

a proteser connecting through skype (BBC gave his name but we won’t repeat it here) – police told us to leave, then threw tear gas, we left. thought it’ll be normal day, clear the square but leave the park. but today was different. it was so crowded that we had to leave, went into back streets, hotels.

BBC: germany’s green party chairwoman was in gezi park, says it was like war. were you scared?

protester; yes, i was scared. they didn’t care. there were children in the park. painting. they came here for picnic, not even to protest. they weren’t wearing gas masks. police teargassed inside the hotel. even though you shouldn’t use it indoors.

BBC: yes, i’ve read reports. is this the end? PM erdogan warned you and am fearing he’ll do the same again.

proteser: there were meetings. Taksim Solidarity decided to move the big tents anyway. but now we are calling for 1 million people to come to the park. it’s not the end. i can still hear police gassing people outside. it’s not the end. it will continue tonight and tomorrow.

BBC then linked to journalist IremKoker from Hurriyet newspaper

BBC: it’s not correct of me to assume that PM Erdogan will say to police to continue. will he stop?

IK: he will continue. tonight caught us by surprised. i was there in the afternoon. because there were some kind of agreement. People in the park were already beginning to move their tents and banners. then he said in a rally in Ankara ‘people should move otherwise his police will do it. Suddenly, within half hour police was there”

within few hours there were attacks. i think he’ll continue.

BBC: there are many reports that media there censored itself. What’s Hurriyet doing? Are the protests too strong now?

IK: Hurriyet is liberal. oldest newspaper in turkey. even before the mass demonstrations we reported on what was going on in the park even when there were a handful of protesters. Hurriyet is standing where basic human rights are standing where human rights stand.

BBC re-showed some of the interview with Zeynep Goktas.

And ended this report with saying Reuters says thousands of people are out on the streets, building barricades and setting bonfires.


One major trade union, KESK I believe, called for general strike for its 240,000 members. the other large union is considering doing the same


AKP violeted Geneva Convention – tweets: police started to arrest those being treated in Alman and Ilk Yardim Hospitals, after arresting doctors at Divan Hotel earlier

“MEDICAL NEUTRALITY refers to a principle of noninterference with medical services in times of armed conflict and civil unrest: physicians must be allowed to care for the sick and wounded, and soldiers must receive care regardless of their political affiliations; all parties must refrain from attacking and misusing medical facilities, transport, and personnel. Concepts comprising the principles of medical neutrality derive from international human rights law, medical ethics and humanitarian law. Medical neutrality may be thought of as a kind of social contract that obligates societies to protect medical personnel in both times of war and peace, and obligates medical personnel to treat all individuals regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or political affiliation. Violations of medical neutrality constitute crimes outlined in the GENEVA Conventions. AKP has just VIOLATED this. Please share!”


crowds which left the asian side (kadikoy) hours ago are crossing the bosphorus bridge




Back to BBC News: first news item again

protester – voice from 2 hrs ago: thousands of people on the streets, police is attacking.

BBC: are the police attacking or are the protesters retaliating?

protesters: no. this is vital information i must give you. I am sure government will twist reality tomorrow. definitely not the case. none of the protesters are attacking. people are acting responsibly.


Message from a friend in Turkey

“Today, since 8 pm the police, together with soldiers this time, is attacking violently to us. Today is different than all other days. I’m afraid that they are ordered to do a massacre! They are attacking to hospitals, forcing hotels and cafes to return those who take refuge there. I am afraid of tomorrow…”

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