Chapullists and Non-Chapullists – what’s the difference?

For Turkish:

From 10 June. Read the whole article and the answers to this question are at the end.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has returned to Ankara after taking part in the opening ceremony of the 2013 Mediterranean games in Mersin.

Several citizens greeted Erdoğan at the airport. He continued to give speeches at Pursuklar, Altınpark and Ankmall, claiming “If you continue your protests, we will answer in the language you understand.”  He continued to critisise Western public opinion and Interest rate lobbies in all of his speeches. He critisised the groups using the Interest rate fluctuations to make monatery gains, saying “you’ll lose.”

“If you think you can fool those who go to high school or university, you’ll lose. If you believe in democracy, if you believe in freedom, then democracy comes with the ballot box. Not with violence. Anyone who doesn’t respect this fact will pay dearly.”

While waiting for Erdogan

3,000-4,000 people have come to Altinpark after hearing that Erdogan will give a speech there. Significant amounts of supporters have arrived from districts such as Aydinlikevler and Haskoy, while others have used special service busses to travel from Keçiören, Sincan and Mamak districts.

Several officials are giving free bottles of water to the waiting crowd. A father and son attending the speech said, “they want 25% of the people to rule the country. It [the protests] were alright at first, but now they’ve resorted to terrorism.”

Meanwhile, two officials, one on crutches and the other in a wheelchair, said, “they’ve took a few trees as an excuse to cause harm. They don’t have the right to protest violently.”

A 76 year old AKP representative in Duseldorf, accuse those close to the Prime Minister for distancing themselves from him. “Yes the Prime Minister is acting a bit aggresive, but Bulent Arinc and Abdullah Gul are attempting to calm him. Everything will be fine,” he says. Meanwhile, another old man claims, “all the heads of the media are foreign. You are working for foreigners!”

While most women don’t wish to talk, a 60 year old says, “If Erdogan acts like an understanding older brother, these protests will get worse. They are on the streets because Erdogan interuppted their path. They all have latest model cars.” When shown the luxury cars arriving at the speech, she says, “we are different. We earned by proper means.”

Meanwhile, other housewives and students claim, “they [the protestors] are not Turkish, we are Turkish. Look, we are waving the flag.”

Two demonstrations, two outlooks

The two main ways of classifying the population have quickly become “looters” (Çapulcu) and “non-looters” (Çapulcu olmayanlar).  Over the course of the protests, several differences between them have emerged, for example:

Looters arrive to protest by public transport and pay the fares.

Non-looters arrive to listen to speeches by municipality busses for free.


Looters pay for their own flags at protests.

Non looters ask “where do they give out free flags?”


Looters decorate placards brought from stationary stores.

Non looters carry placards printed readily by the municipality.


Looters pay 1 TL (Turkish Lira) for their water

Non looters obtain free water bottles from municipal officials.


Looters are violently dispersed by police using water cannons for distrupting traffic

Non looters are not greeted by police brutality even though they distrupt the traffic at the airports where they greet the Prime Minister for hours. 

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