Letter from the Judges in Turkey to Prime Minister Erdogan

For Turkish:


This is an abridged translation

The Trade Union for Judges in Turkey published a press release that includes some messages for PM Erdogan.

(Prime minister),

Your blind determination for the re-development of the green area in Taksim for building a shopping mall and a replica of the old Artillary Barracks that was the symbol of a religious fundemantalist attack on Turkish secularity has caused concerns and consequently, protests in Istanbul, throughout the country and the World.

People of all ages and from different backgrounds are participating in these protests and they’re under constant attack from the police who use unproportionate force against the protestors.

We, naturally, condemn actions that harm public or private property. However, it’s particularly interesting to see people from all parts of the society, including those who previously had no interest in politics, now taking part in the protests. Hence, the reasons behind this unrest must be questioned.

We, hereby, feel responsible to share what we observe and think about the above mentioned protests.

You, Prime Minister

have tried to marginalize and oppress those who dare to think differently,

have made a habit of altering the rights, social habits and lifestyles of others to follow your religious beliefs, often stating quote,  ‘’Why are you objecting what’s decreed by your religion?’’, unquote,

have limited work and cereer prospects as well as liberties of those whom you labelled as ‘’not one of us’’,

have silenced free media into submission with unfair and heavy financial penalties designed for this purpose,

have sold the bankrupt media companies to your supporters,

humiliated those drinking alcohol by calling them ‘’drunken alcoholics’’,

by changing the legislation, made drunk driving –which was previously a misdemenour- a criminal offence punishable by custodial sentence,

treated the smokers, who are only harming themselves, with contempt by saying ‘’smoke in gas chambers’’,

have built, shopping malls, plazas and urban development centers not for the convenience of the public but for creating wealth and unfair competition for your supporters,

have marginalized and alienated the women who prefer not to wear headscarf,

caused staffing crisis in public schools and created a massive education gap between the rich and the poor,

ignored the juidiciary and even the recent court order to stop the proceedings at Gezi Park  with ‘’at the end, we’ll do as we said’’ mentality,

have re-designed the Juidicial System by eliminating all judges and public prosecutors who were not your cronies from the High Court and private courts,

have arrested officers, bureucrats, academics, journalists and civilians for so called ‘’terrorism charges’’, yet, failed to inform the public what kind of terrorist activities those people were charged with,

have adopted double standards on the one hand finding ‘’quick solutions’’ for your own Intelligence Undersecretery, on the other not even questioning the terrorism charges for The Chief of Staff,

have humiliated many officers of the Turkish Armed Forces in the process of arrests without concrete evidence,

without due consultation and showing slightest sensitivity for the feelings of the terror victims, you’ve started negotiations with the terrorist groups,

have given speeches and made remarks to humiliate and insult millions of Alevi citizens,

attempted to name the 3rd Bosphorus bridge after an Ottoman sultan who’s infamous for murdering 40,000 Alevis,

have attempted to turn the principle of Separation of Powers into ‘’Unity of Powers’’ where ‘’whatever the king says goes’’ type of despotism would rule,

have oppressed people by interfering their lives to the point of telling them how many children they should have and the contents of TV series they should watch,

refused to accept the principles of secular Turkey established by its founder leader Ataturk and repeatedly tried to stop people to celebrate their national days and ceremonies,

against our national interests, objection of the Turkish nation and without Parliamentary approval, you’ve taken side in the conflict in Syria and encouraged involvement into a war that would cost many lives,

have started to behave like a Greek god,

refused to see or acknowledge these facts and started to see us, the people, as your subjects.

Note: there are many other points the statement makes

Unfortunately, you’ve not seen nor accepted any of these.

Hence, unquestionably, the trees of Gezi Park were the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

Sincerely Yours,

The Trade Union of  Judges in Turkey

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