Who is in Taksim Solidarity (Taksim Dayanisma) Group

The full list in Turkish with links to websites, where these are available: http://taksimdayanisma.org/bilesenler?lang=en

Here is the English names, official names of some of the organisations may be different in English. This is our translation to show that the group is comprised of professional associations, trade unions, neighbourhood and stakeholder NGOs and some political parties. Or ‘marginal groups’ in the words of PM Erdogan.

We are also wondering: If there was a true participatory decision making in Turkey, wouldn’t the professional organisations in the list much rather be in meeting rooms than on the streets?

*: place names in Istanbul and other cities

Istanbul Dentists Association

Istanbul Pharmacists Association

Istanbul Medical (Doctors) Association

Federation of Engineers and Architects Associations of Turkey (TMMOB) –

Environmental Engineers Association

Electrical Engineers Association

Mapping and Cadastral Surveyors Association

Civil Engineers Association

Mechanical Engineers Association

Architects Association

Landscape Architects Association

Town Planners Association (Istanbul branch)

Stage Actors Profession Association

DISK – Confederation of Revolutionary Workers Unions

KESK – Confederation of Public Sector Workers Unions

Education Union – Universities Branch (Branch 6)

Culture & Arts Union

Joint Unions Power Platform

Beyoglu* Neighbourhood Clubs Platform

Bosphorus* Neighbourhood Clubs Platform

The Elderly Pensioners Movement

Filmmor (purple film) Women Cooperative

Association of Istanbul Women’s Organisations

Istanbul Halkevi

Istanbul Culture Forum

Istanbul SOS Initiative

Women’s Solidarity Foundation (KADAV)

Public Art Laboratory

Blacksea Protesters Platform

Haydarpasa* Solidarity for Town and Environment

Lambda Istanbul

Nazim Hikmet Cultural Centre

Autonomous Art Council

Artists Iniative

Sulukule* Platform

Taksim* Platform

Collectivist Council of Engineers, Architects and Town Planners

Platform for Life instead of 3rd Bridge

Anatolian Culture and Research Platform

Association of Archaeologists – Istanbul branch

Asmalimescit* Association

Atakoy* Residents Support and Environmental Protection Association


Bedrettin Dernegi

Beyoglu* Entertainment Places Association

Cihangir* Improvement Association

ÇYDD – Modern Life Support Association

Balance Ecologic Living Association

Galata* Association

Gazhane* Environment Volunteers

Gulsuyu* Gulensu Life and Support Centre Association

Istanbul METU Alumni Group

Women’s Human Rights – New Solutions Association

Blacksea Environment and Culture Association

Kizildere* Association

LGBTT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transexual Transgender) Association

Civil Servants Association – Istanbul branch

Streets are Ours Association

Social Rights Association

Taksim Gezi Park Protection and Improvement Association

Tarlabasi* Landlords and Tenants Development and Social Support Association

Tokat*lılar Association

Tozkoparan* Association

Society to Improve Consumer Conciousness

Consumer Protection Association – Beşiktaş* branch
Consumer Protection Association – Istanbul branch

All Restorers and Conservers Association

All University Lecturers Association – Istanbul branch

Turkey Disabled Association

Validebağ* Volunteers Association

Peace and Democracy Party (BDP)

Republican Public Party (CHP)

Labour Party (EP)

Public’s Voice Party (HSP)

Workers Party (IP)

Freedom and Solidarity Party (FSP)

Turkey Communist Party (TKP)

Greens and Left Future Party (YSGP)

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