What really is happening in Taksim this morning?

In summary [this post will be updated throughout the day, come back] (up to the bit about PM speaking: from Ferhan Ozpetek (a film maker) tweet this morning

– Go into Taksim with as empty a reason as taking down the flags and placards from AKM (Ataturk Cultural Centre) (because it looks bad for the tourists!!)

– Pretend to be innocent by announcing that you will not touch Gezi Park  – ensure someone high ranking like Mayor of Istanbul does this announcement (and by doing so try to divide the resisters…who were happy with any / no flags being there)

– Bring the police and their TOMA (water canon armed vehicles) right to the centre of the square

– Tell the provocateurs to come forward and throw Molotov coctails (which have not been used anywhere in the country during the almost 2 weeks protests)

– Ensure media that did not show police violence last week takes long shots of provocateurs throwing Motolov coctails (without calling them provocateurs of course).

– Help media show the provocateurs by telling the police to be seem to be intervening but really not (police that managed to disperse hundreds of protesters with teargas and water canons last week are mysteriously unable to do so with 10-15 people throwing Molotov coctails in broad daylight!)


– ensure the TV watching public see the Molotov coctails being thrown by ‘protesters’ and take the side of the government.

Oh, yes, do this, the day before a meeting was scheduled between the protesters and the PM Erdogan.

And  keep people busy with dealing with attacks and the news of it while starting PM Erdogan’s yet another speech and get him fire so much rhetoric and so many lies from all cylinders and thereby render social media reporters unable to keep up with reporting and translating.

– Take the lawyers, who were defending protestors who were taken into custody, into custody. AND do not allow the lawyers of lawyers into the courthouse.

The police physically attacked lawyers giving a press release in Istanbul Caglayan Courthouse an hour ago. They dragged them out and tried to disperse those who watch, film and protest their actions and threaten them with detention. Obviously the police does not have any legal right to do so!

Just to let you know, public prosecutors directly supervise police action, they can give them orders and they also work in the courthouse…

Working title of the scenario: Divide and Rule

Personal message from Taksim:

his morning hundreds of police and water cannon vehicles marched into Taksim. There has been a peaceful environment for 10 days there. This morning at 7:30 people were still sleeping in their tents or having breakfast. When the police attacked with gas bombs a group of about 30 provocators who are NOT among us, NOT activists, NOT among the people who resist started attacking the police with molotov cocktails. Curiously enough the Toma s (water cannon vehicles) that are able to push away and separate hundreds of people within seconds (as we have seen many times in the two weeks) could not get rid of this group of provocators for over an hour now. Why? This is all a planned game to be played in front of the international media. The resisting people are still peaceful, they do not throw stones or molotov cocktails!!! This is a set up!”

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