Traditional thinking is not sufficient to grasp what’s going on

Abridged translation

For Turkish: – Yeni Safak is a newspaper read by the AKP electoral base

‘Do not forget, even your enemies are human’

Hacı Bektaş-i Veli

PM Erdogan said “We read about social events, analyse them objectively. This is how we deserve the votes from every one out of two people” at the EU conference yesterday. My understanding of this is that he will understand the demands of young people who are in Gezi Park without the knowledge of ‘interest lobbies and marginal organisations’ and he will analyse the developments.

In order to be objective, one needs correct information. If information doesn’t reach us as the simple truth but is interpreted through our own point of view or purpose, it will not be possible to analyse it correctly.

A Muslim must behave fairly and compassionately even if this ends up being against his own benefit.

On Tuesday there was news about immoral actions (drinking alcohol, attacking muezzin – the person who issues the call to prayer from the minarets of a mosque) at the Dolmabahçe Valide Sultan Camii. This is crucial. What kind of mind has produced this news? Thanks to God, people don’t believe everything anymore.

As this has been used to blame and divide the people, I thought I have to write about it. After reading the news on Tuesday, I went to the mosque the next day. There were security men outside. I went in. There were also some people working for EU Minister Egemen Bağış. I went to where they were and listened.

The muezzin Fuat Yıldırım was living the events again. He also has visual proof for everything.

At the weekend (1 -2 June) some of the protestors had to seek refuse in the mosque from the police. On the first day, there was time to take their shoes off. On the second day, because the attacks by the police were more violent, they came in breaking the key to the mosque and not taking their shoes off. Müezzin Fuat Bey calmed them down and allowed the injured to be treated inside the mosque. He did not see anyone who bought or drank alcohol. He spoke to the police and when things calmed down let the protestors out of the mosque quietly. There was only one crushed beer can on mahfil (screened and elevated loge in a mosque). He does not know how it got there. This is how the events unfold in summary.

This was a historical breaking point. If the protestors didn’t seek refuge in the mosque, if they entered by breaking the windows and damaging the interior, can you imagine what the consequences would have been?

Müezzin Fuat Yıldırım is not aware of what grave danger his actions saved the country from. And how dangerous the actions of those using this as provocation are for the country.

I do not know about the trap laid by the interest lobby, foreign powers and illegal organisations. It’s the job of the government to take the necessary precautions and actions against these. But I think it’s necessary to understand the young people who joined the protests with good intentions. We may have missed small details while running after big ideals.

If we don’t understand and analyse the current situation, we’ll be the ones who lose. To understand ourselves better, we need to break the walls surrounding us and understand what’s happening.

Times have changed. A new period is beginning.

Traditional ways of thinking are not sufficient to comprehend this.

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