The lies PM Erdogan told the people in his speech on 7 June

Arrogance and conceit lead to lies…

PM Erdogan told the following lies in his speech on 7 June:

1- He said: During Occupy Wall Street 17 people died. There were NO deaths. USA Embassy in Turkey tweeted saying there were no deaths.

This tweet has since been deleted
2- He said the flag of Republic of Turkey was burnt during the protests. The video showing this is a misinformation as known by everybody.

3- He said during the protests there were ‘all sorts of immoral activities’ in a mosque that was turned into a infirmary. The Imam of the said mosque had denied such claims. ‘Immoral activities’ falsely accused included drinking alcohol, group sex etc!)
4- It was argued that the crowds turned up at the airport to greet him was spontaneous. AKP supports showed on the TV the text messages that were sent to party members and supporters asking them to come to the airport.

5- He said they killed our police officer in Adana. The colleague of the dead policy officer made a statement after the death saying “he was tired and sleepless. It was an accident”

No further comments are necessary.

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