Inside the Growing Mini-City in Gezi Park and the Istanbul Canal

The Atlantic Cities reports from within Gezi Park. Fantastic Pictures:

“We shouldn’t be saying ‘Tayyip istifa,'” one environmental activist said during such a discussion, referring to the common chant calling for the prime minister’s resignation. “After Tayyip, the same system will continue.” That system, of growth at all costs, connects the struggle in Taksim to fights against mining in the Kaz Mountains  another added

Last week, The Atlantic Cities also covered the Canal Project

“The canal has been mooted as a project for a long time – for centuries in fact – but until recently the idea had tended to be dismissed as just one of many schemes proposed by the Turkish government that are grandiose but improbable. This May, however, Turkey’s deputy prime minister, Ali Babacan, announced that work is due to begin on the new canal this month.”

the canal would only add to the city’s unchecked tsunami of sprawl

More radically still, the canal could retool the entire region’s hydrography.

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