Declaration from Psychologists Association of Turkey

The scale of the police violence towards people who are democratically protesting is now inexplicable.

Previously the Turkish Psychologist’s Association have asked the government to listen to people’s needs and find peaceful solutions. However, it is evident that the overbearing and dogmatic approach of the government leads to greater violence towards individuals who are protesting peacefully. We are concerned about further potential aggressive attacks from the police which might lead young people being led to use violence in order to protect themselves. It is apparent that increasing violence leads to death and injuries and we are worried that this might continue.

Previously we have highlighted that physical and psychological abuse have serious negative impacts on people and society. All types of violence create deep and long lasting wounds both in individuals and societies. Being abused or witnessing violence is traumatising which create fears and anxieties in people. The threatening and segregating approach feeds into people’s feelings of being rejected and discriminated and it is detrimental for people’s feelings of justice. In addition, not being able to follow what takes place on the streets via TV channels is generating mistrust in people. People have to get information from alternative TV channels not always trusting the validity of the source of information.

As psychologists, we are inviting the government to leave the oppressing, threatening, anti-democratic approach behind. We are inviting them to really understand and explore the people from different backgrounds coming together on the streets, supporting each other. We are inviting the government to be on the side of society as a whole without exceptions. Furthermore, we are asking the government to take responsibility for their actions and we are expecting that those responsible will resign from government immediately.

Turkish Psychologists Association

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