A personal summary of PM Erdogan’s speech at 2: 40 am this morning

“02:40 – Istanbul:

Tayyip Erdogan, the Prime Minister of Turkey, has just arrived from his diplomatic visit.
AK Party organizations have gathered about 10K people to the airport with SMS announcements. The arrival was broadcasted live by many mainstream TV channels.

In his speech, right after a quick summary of what they have done for the 10 years in power, HE HAS OPENLY PROVOKED PEOPLE TO ATTACK THE GEZI PROTESTERS:

-He quoted a poem of Mehmet Akif, which included the lines such as “if anyone attacks my family, I would strangle him”.

-He frequently emphasized the words “vandalism, terrorists, burning cars, harming innocent people” to describe Gezi protesters.

-He has claimed that the protesters burned the Turkish flag. (2 days ago, TRT, Turkish National TV has aired a video from 2010, where PKK members were burning a flag; wrongly claiming that they were Gezi Protesters)

-For the Garanti Bank CEO supporting the protesters, he clearly stated “it will be taken care of, it will become ours.”

-He has claimed that the police officer who lost his life by falling off a bridge was pushed by Gezi protesters. (The police officer’s best friend has announced in the media that the police officer was tired and fell off the bridge due to lack of sleep and fatigue)

During the whole speech, the mounted troops were shouting “The hands against the police should be broken” and “Let us go, we’ll crash Taksim”

Of course, at the end of his speech, the PM told the crowd -in one sentence- to “go home in dignity”.

These words are only a part of his speech, unfortunately the overall speech was even more serious and provocative than these.

Hopefully it will be translated ASAP and shared with media.

I, as a Turkish citizen and a close supporter of the Taksim Gezi movement, am deeply concerned about the PM’s words, which might easily lead the crowds to violence.

Thanks for reading.”

2 thoughts on “A personal summary of PM Erdogan’s speech at 2: 40 am this morning

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