Warning some readers may find this post difficult to read

This is translated from the following tweet: https://twitter.com/search?q=erkan%20yolalan&src=typd on 4 June 2013

Also see this covered in longer article a daily national newspaper and the comments: http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/sex-as-a-police-punishment-.aspx?pageID=500&eid=258 on 7 June 2013


I want to write about what I experienced when I was taken under detention. Everyone should know what is really happening. First of all, I would like to thank everyone who cared for me, looked for a lawyer and helped me. I am safe and back home now. I wanted to write what I experienced in detention, because I want everybody to know. I do not have any other purpose. I will explain everything very openly with all the swearing and insults.

Yesterday evening (3.6.2013) around 9pm, I was taken into detention by Turkish police, near Barbaros Boulevard, in Besiktas district of Istanbul. I was not swearing or throwing stones.  When they saw me, they took me by the arm. Some of my friends saw on TV how they took me into detention. Following this, it was hell. Once we started passing by the traffic lights along the coastal line, where the bus stop was, other police started hitting me. About 100-150m, until we reached Kadikoy ferry stop, everyone was hitting me. They kept swearing as they said “will you save this country, you sons of a bitches!” I couldn’t even count how many of them hit me until I got on the detention bus. As we arrived at the bus, a few police shouted “bring him here”. I was hit by them, too. Later on I found out that they took me between the bus and a wall, since there were cameras around and they wanted to hide what they were doing. When I got on the bus, inside was dark and I heard the begging of a girl “I didn’t do anything!”. When I was getting on the bus and afterwards, I did not see how many people hit me. The only thing I could do was to hold my head. Swearing and insults continued. I sat down and everyone passing by was hitting me.  I got up and went to the corner. They told me to sit down and I told them that when I sit down, everyone is hitting me. They swore at me again and hit me. They were also hitting and choking the girl. A civil police named Suleyman was saying to the girl: “I could turn you around and fuck you here!”. And the girl’s answer was heart breaking: “ok”…

After this, we were 3 people on the bus. They made us shout : ” I love Turkish police, I love my country”!. They kept saying “louder, louder!”. Insults have not stopped. When it became a little calmer, they brought someone else in. His nose was broken. I asked him why he didn’t protect his face. He said, two of them held him and the third one punched his face 3 times. People were being brought into the bus frequently. Later on, they brought Mustafa who was studying at Bahcesehir University. He was assaulted by 20 policemen and he was hardly able to stand up. They kept hitting him next to the bus, they hit his head with a helmet and hit it against the window of the bus. They pushed him into the bus as they hit him. He had handcuffs and his head was bleeding. They made him sit. We saw his head bleeding. I went next to him with a cloth (which was from the t-shirt of a guy whose nose was broken), trying to stop the bleeding. Civil police Suleyman told me to fuck off and go back to my seat. I said that he was bleeding. He told me to leave him. He did not care at all. They were keeping him handcuffed. We said to a few police officers and one of them took his handcuffs off. The second hand breaking thing happened when we were giving evidence at the police station. Mustafa asked if they had hit him on the bus. He did not remember. He said that his memory was not ok. Finally, we could not pee on the bus. They gave us only a bottle of water. After this, we were taken to the hospital and to the police station.

There was an army of lawyers at the police station. And from this point onwards, police officers started talking to us kindly. I thank to the lawyers, to our friends who found them and to everyone who cared for us. There is no exaggeration about what I wrote here. My experience was real and I want everybody to hear it from me.

Resistance against tyranny continues, fascism will be destroyed.

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