Urgent press release from Taksim Dayanisma

For Turkish see: http://taksimdayanisma.org/?p=54

The demonstration by the public that started in Taksim Gezi Park  to demand ‘freedom’ is in its 10th day.

We are concerned about the events in Ankara and Rize that took place yesterday evening, after the demands of millions of people who were on the streets were delivered to the highest competent authority in the country: the Prime Ministry and Bulent Arinc (deputy Prime Minister).

One of the most prominent demands was ‘ to ban the use of tear gas and similar materials, to relieve from duty those who are responsible for the death of two citizens, who gave, implemented and followed the order to suppress the demonstrations and prevented the people from practising their most basic democratic right’.

However, last night tear gas and water cannons were used in Ankara. This not only worries us but also shows that our demands have not been understood.

We want to re-emphasise that stopping such interventions with immediate effect and to relieve of duty those who are responsible is a priority and urgent demand.

We want to remind that provocation that caused social tension in Rize last night till 11 pm increases the responsibility of those who govern the country.


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