Turkish Minister vs Turkish President?

Turkish Minister for the EU speaks to the BBC.


He refers to the government’s laws being approximated to the EU laws. We’ve given an example of how this is not so with regards to the EU Habitats Directive in this very blog. https://translatingtaksim.wordpress.com/2013/06/04/letter-to-the-media-the-draft-habitat-and-biodiversity-bill-in-turkey-is-a-catastrophe/

He likens the resistance in Turkey to riots in London…..We leave it to your judgement as to the appropriateness of this comparison.

Finally for this post, though he makes many more damaging remarks: he says people should protest at the ballot box – this is in stark contrast to what President of Turkey Abdullah Gul said on 3 June:

 “Democracy does not mean simply elections. It is natural for people to reveal their objections or different views through different means such as demonstrations. Therefore, I consider the recent incidents in our country to be part of this fact. The state has got the well-intended message.

This blogger, for one, canNOT understand how the President (who was from AKP) and a Minister (who is from AKP) could have such opposite views?!

Full speech of the President in English is here:  http://www.tccb.gov.tr/news/397/86292/gul-the-state-got-the-wellintended-mebages-from-the-people.html

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