Gezi Park Statement from the Platform of Editors

For Turkish see:

Every kind of censorship must be considered a virus. The most devious, hurtful and deadly kind of censoring is autocensoring. Blinding, mind numbing and the reality controlling character of autocensoring has brought an undeniable ‘legallity’ to it. If societies develop immunity towards this virus, then they lock the free thinking and reality into a black box. For some reason, these black boxes would always get lost or they would be wiped out by the ones in the power.

If one cannot express his/her opinons clearly, this can only be the indication of fake living actions. Fear and staying silent are not styles of living but of dying. A tree can be a simple symbol, but as it keeps living, it becomes a live symbol. People who want to live freely are not puppets. Noone can control one’s willpower of living and the freedom of breathing. A society who cannot breath cannot think. If a society cannot think, it deteriorates and jails itself into only one thought as it becomes a monotype. It becomes a puppet of narrowminded and backwards way of thinking. From then on, the land becomes a blindspot. Societies build places for living, not dying.

We believe that the books which are written with freedom and independent thinking create a space for freedom, the friendships built via these books give life to transformative and real life relationships. We breathe and exist with books. Because we are curious about the free, independant and creative thinking, we want to find out about and share the reality by spreading information and free thinking.

Turkish media must have the courage of opening all the black boxes as soon as possible and share the real information.

Today is the day for the people who are described as ‘minority’ or ‘mariginal’, being ignored and tried to be changed, who can now breath freely next to each other.  Today is the day for bringing the aeshetics of different colours and resistance together and displaying the aesthetics of resistance. Today is the day for supporting good and beautiful, and expressing our lives without fear and with independence and using our freedom of breathing.

Remove this smoke, clouds of gas, let everyone breath and brains brighten up.

Gun is the symbol of cowardice.

Humans are beautiful as they resist like the trees do.

The Platform of Editors.

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