Art Psychotherapists Association of Turkey

Creativity and our ability to create is the driving force for our individuality and uniqueness, and it makes us authentic human beings.

Creativity is only possible in a free space without oppression, without the pressure of leading a prescribed life style in terms of politics, faith or ethnicity.

What the current government in Turkey has been imposing to the individuals is far away from creating that free space. People’s personal spaces have been violated and public areas, health, the education system, cities, villages, mountains, forests, all have been turned into sources of profit.

However, the protests that started 6 days ago in Gezi Park, came about because the people wanted to say ‘Stop!’ to the government’s oppressing policies. Now it has turned into a bigger movement and spread all around Turkey.

Instead of trying to suppress and silence this movement through violence and attacks, the government should begin to create solutions that are fair and take the public’s views and feelings into consideration.

As the Art Psychotherapists Association of Turkey, we are disapproving the violent attacks and inviting the government to take responsibility.

Art Psychotherapists Association of Turkey


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