Taksim solidarity group announces

English translation of the demands of the Taksim Solidarity group who met with the deputy PM this morning :

To the Government of the Turkish Republic and the Public

The citizens of Turkey have been voicing their democratic opposition against the police brutality that followed the manifestation of social awareness by people concerning the demolition of trees in Taksim Gezi Park at 22.00 on May 27th, 2013.

First and foremost, we share the pain of the families of Abdullah Cömert and Mehmet Ayvalıtaş who lost their lives in the events, and wish speedy recovery to thousands of citizens who were injured.

Sadly the government has been pursuing violence, pressure and prohibition to respond to the people’s demands which concern democracy and human rights. Let it be know that we are working hard to establish a social climate in which democratic demands can be voiced without a nose bleed through the eradication of tensions.

To this end, as Taksim Solidarity we ask that the government take solid steps to realize our demands that follow:

That Gezi Park remain as a park. There will be no construction on Gezi Park, be it under the name of Topçu Kışlası or otherwise. We demand that an official statement be made concerning the cancellation of this project and any plans towards the demolition of Atatürk Cultural Center be immediately be stopped.
That the Governors of İstanbul, Hatay, Ankara as well as the police chiefs who have denied the people their democratic rights, ordered or implemented severe oppression and violence injuring many and killing two citizens be taken from duty.
That the use of tear-gas and such substances be banned.
That those who have been arrested for their participation in the protests across the country be immediately released and an official statement be made that they will not be charged.
That the ban on demonstrations in all squares, parks and public spaces, especially those known as May-Day areas such as Taksim Square and Kızılay be rescinded – both officially and in practice.

We also believe that the content, spirit, hopes and demands that have been voiced in the squares, streets and all public spaces since May 27th, 2013 22.00 should be heard and taken into consideration by officials. Trying to designate what transpired onto “marginal groups” is turning a blind eye to it. It is clear that the mentality of governing that has crystallized in the intervention on Gezi Park is perceived by a large public, including women, men, young and old alike, as an “assault and condescension on their lifestyle and beliefs,” and we are responding “we exist, we are here and we have demands”.
The content of the rising opposition include “the assault on our ecological resources caused by the 3rd bridge project, 3rd airport, Canal İstanbul, Atatürk Forest Farm in Ankara, and the small-scale hydroelectric dam projects; the objections towards the government’s Protection of Natural and Biological Diversity Draft Law; the opposition to the war mentality towards our country and our region and the demand for peace; the sensibilities of Alevite citizens and the rightful demands of those who are disenfranchised by urban transformation; the voices raised against the patriarchal policies that are governing the bodies of female citizens; the push-back against pressures on Universities, the juridical system and artists; the demands of Turkish Airlines workers on strike and all workers against the encroachment on their rights; all struggles against discrimination due to sexual orientation and gender identities; citizens demands that all obstacles in their access to education and health-care be removed.


For Turkish see: http://taksimdayanisma.org/?p=32

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