Doctors speak out about the protests

Here is the script of what this doctor is saying. Please accept our apologies we don’t have the technical skills or the equipment to prepare subtitles. But if anyone can, they are free to use the translation here.

I was last night at Nazim Hikmet Cultural Centre [Ankara or Istanbul the translator cannot tell]

As you know it was turned into an infirmary

We were there to serve the injured

I have to underline that we are not under [the orders of] any political organisation.

We are not working for any political party.

We are only trying to abide by the oath we gave, abide by this white coat

I want to tell you what we’ve experienced so that you have an idea.

The police surrounded the infirmary, despite they knew it was an infirmary.

They broke the windows and the doors and threw teargas inside, several times.

When we run outside away from the gas, they kicked us and hit us with their batons.

I took my share of this and was kicked a few times and hit on the head with a baton.

But we are not afraid.

Don’t forget, even wars have rules! Hospitals and infirmaries are never attacked. Turkish police crossed this line.

I was hit by the baton. I am not afraid. Tonight I will go back. If they hit me again, I will be back again.

for the video see:

BELOW IS FROM TURKISH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION – AS OF 4 june. The translation is taken from their website

As Turkish Medical Association we are trying to arrange health problems resulted nearly all from police violence in country-wide spread actions during Taksim Gezi Park resistance and after, data is arranged from data send by medical association offices and our colleagues. As of June 4th 2013, Tuesday 9:00 p.m. all data we have is listed below. We will update the table daily at the address

Turkish Medical Association Central Council

City Total Injured Applied Severe Injuries (Intensive care included) Death Explanations
Istanbul 1505 (880 hospitalized + 625 in voluntary clinics) 12 1 inpatient 26intensive care 5

life critical 2 (head trauma)

5 blinded

Ankara 1088 (788 hospitalized + 300 in voluntary clinics) 19 (6 head trauma, 3 sight loss, 1 person in life critical status)
İzmir 800 2
Antakya Data will come 1
Adana 117 5 5 head trauma
Eskişehir 300 3 2 intensive care, 1 head trauma
Muğla 50 1 1 risc of entire loss of sight
Mersin Data will come
Bursa 2 Head trauma
Balıkesir 155
Samsun Data will come
Kocaeli 10
Antalya 150 1 1 person lost eye
Çanakkale Data will come
  • It is reported that they are injuries in 12 cities (Mersin, Antakya, Çanakkale is going to send numbers soon).
  • 4177 people in total applied for injuries.
  • 2 persons are dead.
  • 43 people have severe injuries.
  • 2 persons in Ankara, 1 in Eskişehir, 3 in total are in life critical condition.
  • 15 (Severe/Broken) Head Traumas are reported.
  • 10 persons have lost their eye.

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