A personal message from Istanbul

This message was received on 4 June…

“”My dear family, my friends and all the loved ones,

Tommorrow evening [5 June] we are going to celebrate The Isra and Mi’raj. Let’s not let people divide us. Let’s celebrate tonight as we’ve been united in protesting with pots, pans and whistles over the last few days. So that those little devils disguised as humans can go back to their corners empty handed.
Please be respectful, happy and stay in peace and advise those around you to be the same so that we all have a holly Isra and Mi’raj.

I wish you all wonderful Isra and Mi’raj and wish it brings us peace.””

And here the special cookies made for religious celebrations like tonight. Cookies enjoyed by anyone from any religion or no religion. The photo is from the food stall set up at Gezi Park from earlier today.

kandil simidi

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