Clashes were seen in Antakya, Tunceli and Adana


As of 1.30 am Turkey-time, it’s reported that clashes in Tunceli have stopped (

Abridged translation from Radikal newspaper. For full article in Turkish:

There were clashes between the police and protestors after the funeral of Abdullah Comert who was killed on 3rd June in Antakya (central borough of Hatay, which also includes Reyhanli where car bombs killed several people on 11 May)

Hatay Human Right Association President Mithat Can said ‘Antakya is like Gazze’. He continued:

‘In particular there are clashes in Armutlu, Sümerler, Elektrik, Gazi, Kışla Sarayı neighbourhoods. Young protestors have set up barricades in these neighbourhoods. Police is using excessive teargas. Clashes are seen between the police and protestor”

Dogan News Agency reporter, Ferit Demir, from Dogan News Agency, reporting from Tunceli said there were intense clashes: “Teargas used near the hospital is affecting the patients. As reporters we can move. Streets are covered with gas” (BBC TURKCE)

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